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Brienne of Tarth ± badass (requested hexthejinx.)

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sometimes i think tim burton ships helena bonham carter with johnny depp more than with himself

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CS GTKY #2 →


Hey guys! Since last week’s gtky went so well, here’s the topic/info for this week!

This week’s CS GTKY will be on Sunday, September 21 starting at 2 pm est. The topic is handwriting with five questions!

Basically here are the five questions

  1. Favorite Captain Swan…
An apology to Sam Heughan →


An apology to Sam Heughan in advance of tomorrow’s episode: Dear Sam: you are a supremely talented actor and an incredible human being. Intelligent, informed, passionate, kind, an incredible personality, a total dork…I love all of those things about you. I respect you for those things. I have…

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OUAT Rewatch
↳ 1x15 - Red-Handed

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Sometimes people thousand of miles away can make you feel better than someone right beside you


Killian Jones + Disney’s Captain Hook parallels (part 1)

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